3 Digital Marketing Tactics for Museums, Libraries and Science Centres

Here are three digital marketing tactics for the owner, manager or marketing manager of a library, museum or science centre to incorporate into their marketing plan with ease. This list is by no means complete, but it’s a good start for any of these institutions in digital marketing tactics.

Do people still visit museums, libraries and science centres nowadays? As children we visited these places regularly on school trips and with our family and friends, but the habit seems to have fallen out of practice recently. It’s a shame – these institutions are in a unique position to deliver a great experience to visitors along with imparting knowledge and information. And their potential reach and impact cannot be underestimated. Some of the world’s greatest treasures are locked up inside museums and libraries, and no one ever goes to see and appreciate them anymore.

This post was written in an effort to save books from suffering the dusty loneliness of shelf-life. This humble blog post seeks to help educate our youth on where humanity comes from and to help promote the sciences to new generations.

3 Digital Marketing Tactics for Libraries, Museums and Science Centres

Tactic #1: Start a podcast series

Start a podcast series to talk about the institution, its patrons, its members, its contents and its treasures. Arrange interviews with internationally renowned writers, artists, scientists and other specialists on the podcast to help spread the word. Arrange book readings to promote new releases and invite local artists to promote their work.

If you aren’t in a position to involve others in your series, you can focus on a podcast similar to the one created by the new curator of the Met. Nate DiMeo created a critically acclaimed series called The Memory Palace which eventually led to him being hired as the curator of the Met. This podcast series comes highly recommended, especially if you appreciate good storytelling and language.

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Tactic #2: Repurpose All Content

One of the best things about creating a podcast series is that you can re-purpose the content as video and blog post to get maximum traction out of every topic. To create videos from your podcasts, you can either film your interviews or talks or you can create a unique video with each audio file. One idea is to use your video to illustrate what you are talking about in your own way, whether it’s drawing on a whiteboard, using powerpoint presentations or picture slideshows.

Blog posts are easy to create from audio files because you can simply transcribe the audio and upload the contents in text format. Add a SEO-friendly introduction, a few pictures, link and a summary, and voila! You’ve got a great blog post to go along with your podcast audio. Blog posts are much more SEO-friendly than audio or video files, so it’s important to include blog posts in your content strategy.

Tactic #3: Organize Social Media Activations

Social media activations are events where you encourage your participants to perform a task on social media to boost your social media reach and engagements. These events can be anything from a new book launch to a quick giveaway depending on your brand, your budget and your goals.

Boost visitors to your library or museum by inviting a certain group of people like high school children, college students, employees of specific businesses and so forth to visit your institution for free on certain days. The better you know your target audience, the easier it will be for you to find a group of people who will become social media activists on your behalf.

Give all of your visitors a reason to spread the word on social media by offering freebies like ice cream cones, waffles, popcorn, and so forth to visitors who tweet or post on Facebook or Instagram. These freebies don’t have to cost a lot of money and they don’t need to be very valuable. I recently attended the World Psychiatric Convention where we could get waffles-on-a-stick and gelato for free.

I recently attended the World Psychiatric Convention where we got waffles-on-a-stick and gelato for free (check out my Instagram for a picture!). It only took two guys, one double machine and a bucket-load of supplies to serve a very long, but very happy line of customers. These types of freebies create jobs, they can help someone set up a business and they don’t cost a lot of money. Plus you can charge for the “freebies” if someone is not keen to take part in social media. The money still goes to a good cause.

These types of events can generate a lot of PR because your chances of being picked up by local newspapers, social media groups and even national magazines are pretty good. Put together a list of people in the media who would be keen to get news from your institution and keep share the information with them on a regular basis. Spend a little money on posters, flyers and advertisements and you will see your library, museum or science centre become popular – even with the youth – before too long.

There are hundreds and thousands of digital marketing tactics that could work for these types of institutions. These ideas are my own and I hope they help you to either boost your institution’s footprint or they help you to come up with your own list of tactics.

Do you have any cool ideas for digital marketing tactics for libraries, museums, or science centres? Share them with me in the comments!

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