Awesome Instagram Content Ideas

Get more followers by using our list of more than nine awesome Instagram content ideas for social media.

Are you always struggling to come up with new ideas for things to post on Instagram? We’re here to help. 

After years of creating content for various brands and businesses, we’ve put together nine awesome ideas that are applicable to both individuals and businesses.

Here are three Instagram content ideas:

These ideas are not exhaustive by any means, but they are geared to get your creative juices flowing and your camera snapping. 

Share what’s going on behind the scenes in your life or business. 

Highlight unique or quirky happenings in your business with visually enticing pictures to tell the story about what’s going on behind the scenes.

Create a collage of your best Instagram photos.

Using an app like Layout from Instagram, you can create a collage of your best photos to give your followers a great impression of your profile at a glance.

Give a history lesson with #ThrowbackThursday. 

Provide a bit of background to your life or your business with a glimpse at what came before. Vintage pictures create a wonderful “flashback” into the past.

Want more? 

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Now you’ve got no excuse not to post on Instagram every day!

Ps. The optimal post frequency for Instagram is at least once a day. 

Written and produced by Marilize Nel. Follow me on Instagram: Marilize Nel