Copywriting is written content published through online media and print advertisements. We refer to ‘copy’ when we are talking about content that’s primarily used for the purpose of advertising or marketing.

Copywriting is an art form.

Professional, pleasant and skilled copywriters are in high demand because copy is needed for almost all advertising material. From pamphlets and posters to TV advertisements and Facebook ads, you need copy to communicate your message to your customers and convince them to buy from you.

Copywriting can be employed to help create taglines, direct mail pieces, jingle lyrics, web page content, online ads, email and other internet content, television and radio commercial scripts, press releases, white papers, catalogues, brochures, postcards, sales letters and other marketing media.

Our firm combines copywriting with a range of editorial services including brand consulting, social media management, SEO consulting, copy editing, proofreading, fact checking, layout and design. We work with a range of independent contractors to help us deliver

We work with a range of independent contractors to help us deliver total quality every time.

Thanks to the emergence of the internet, we can work for any client anywhere in the world.

But why should you get a professional copywriter to write your copy? You know your business the best, don’t you? Who better to write the copy than you and your team?

There are a few reasons why you might want to consider hiring a professional to work with your brand:

  • Get a new perspective on your business from someone who can experience your products and services from a customer’s point of view.
  • Get clear, professional-grade communication from someone who has years of experience in writing successful copy that delivers customers.
  • Get content delivered on time, every time from someone who never misses a deadline or who is too busy with something else.
  • Get an objective, outside opinion from someone who can help to eliminate internal arguments by working with a team as an independent outsider.
  • Get your time back by hiring someone who can write the best possible copy for your business and make it possible for you to get back to work.

Copywriting is about getting your customers to want to engage with you. It’s not about spamming them with offers to buy your amazing products.

Copywriting means that you are getting your customers to want to buy from you. Not out of pressure, but because they enjoy your content, your help and your brand.

Copywriting can also be used for any of the following:

  • Educational videos or podcasts
  • Sales videos
  • Internal training videos
  • Phone sales scripts for salesmen
  • Blog posts used for content marketing
  • Public speeches
  • Webinars
  • Emails for salespeople
  • Emails for new customers
  • Emails in an autoresponder/trigger campaign.

We deliver copywriting services on all of the above and more whenever you need it done. If you don’t have anyone in your company, startup or small business to write professional copy, give us a call to see how we can help you.

How our copywriting services work:

  1. We believe in the written word – we will send through a detailed quote for your consideration. Once accepted, we will send through a contract to sign before we can start with the project.
  2. We are deadset on deadlines – the contract will contain all the necessary deadlines to ensure that the project goes off without a hitch. We never miss a deadline.
  3. We are eager to please – we will work with you to perfect the copy and to ensure that you are 100% satisfied. Three iterations for every piece of copy will be allowed at no extra cost.
  4. We are affordable – we keep our prices as low as possible to ensure that you get the best quality copy for your campaign, no matter what your budget is. We are passionate about quality, not quantity.
  5. We are more than just copy – we can provide a range of digital marketing and media services including graphic design, HTML development, WordPress development, programmatic media buying, direct media buying, advertisement placements, campaign planning, marketing reporting, and more.

With a focus on total quality management, we pride ourselves on delivering compelling copy every time. Because we know how much copywriting can benefit your business.

5 Benefits of using a professional copywriter:

  1. Connect with your audience by stepping outside of your own head and seeing your audience’s point of view
  2. Bring a fresh perspective and new solutions to tired ideas and old problems
  3. Increase your online visibility by tapping into the technical skills, experience and networking abilities of a professional copywriter
  4. Subtly seduce your audience with great content and beautifully written copy
  5. Communicate well with your audience to ensure maximum exposure and return on investment

On the other hand, bad writing can also damage your business and result in a loss of sales. Poorly written copy can have this effect on your business:

  • Deter your efforts to attact new customers, investors and quality employees
  • Damage your corporate image by making you look unprofessional
  • Bolster your competition by leveling the playing field
  • Make existing customers question their association with you

From ads to websites, you want to persuade your readers to buy your products or services. By making a favorable impression with your audience, you can boost your brand and your authority in your field without changing your business model or brand identity.

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