Editing and proofreading

No one’s writing is perfect, not even Hemingway. Typos, grammar mistakes, factual problems and spelling errors plagued everyone’s writing from time to time. Great, you posted it online and put it out there, but these simple errors can damage your credibility as an author and an expert.

No matter how long you keep going over your own text, you will never be able to do what someone else can do for you: provide a fresh pair of eyes. A second opinion is invaluable when it comes to reviewing and editing your copy because it helps you to vet the content and check the grammar at the same time.

Sure, you realize how important correct spelling and good writing is, but do you take yourself seriously enough? Do you have a proofreader for your blog?

Most people don’t have a proofreader or editor for their blog and guess what? Most people have blogs that never go anywhere, never gain the popularity they deserve and never earn a dime. This doesn’t have to be true for you.

It’s not necessary to have a designated editor or proofreader on your team to have well-written, proofread content. There are many affordable and easy options available to writers, bloggers, and business owners.

I need someone to check my stuff!

The longer you look at the text you’ve written, the more nonsensical and strange the sentences and words become. You no longer notice single words or letters. Your eyes sweep over sentences you recognize and you fail to notice the small errors and omissions that your readers never fail to miss.

Don’t let this stop you from having perfect content, even if you don’t have a proofreader on hand.

You’ve got two proofreading options at your disposal:

  • Use a quick and easy proofreading tool (computer)
  • Hire an affordable and professional proofreader (human)

The first option refers to using tools like Grammarly to check your grammar on any web page you are visiting or working on. Grammarly uses a Chrome extension to check your spelling in WordPress, on Facebook, in Buffer, and anywhere else you might add copy for publication. We use Grammarly every day to check our copy and the little green circle at the bottom of your screen becomes comforting because it signifies a lack of errors.

Your second option is to use the services of a professional proofreader to check your copy. If you need someone to check the text on images or similar marketing materials, you might find that automated tools like Grammarly don’t fulfill your needs. In this case, you can consider hiring a professional to look over your copy to ensure that your business always puts the best foot forward.

But what about editing? Wait a minute, isn’t editing the same thing as proofreading? No, there is a big difference between proofreading and editing as we’ll explain below.

Proofreading vs Editing


This refers to the process of reviewing and changing the text with the intention to make things flow more smoothly and to improve the overall quality of the work. Editors have the freedom to take sentences out and to rewrite whole paragraphs. Editors will fix any problems and errors that they come across, but the main goal is to improve clarity, cut down on excessive words and help improve the overall quality.


Proofreading is the process of going over the final draft of a document or text after it has been edited to ensure that there are no spelling errors, punctuation errors, typos or factual errors. Professional proofreaders will be able to find even the smallest errors often missed by others. Proofreading can also be done electronically with the use of certain tools.

Hiring a copy consulting service like TQM Digital gives you two flexible options to choose from:

Professional Proofreading Services


If you need proofreading services on an ongoing basis, you might want to consider keeping a professional copy editor like us on contract to take care of the problem. These retainer agreements usually state something along the following lines: Consultant X will provide proofreading services for company Y for up to __ times per month for R__ per month. You can determine how much time you will need by making a list of all the ongoing tasks you need done and discussing this list with us to determine a reasonable timeframe for completion.

Ad Hoc

If you need proofreading services on an ad hoc basis, you can consider using our online proofreading service. Simply submit a document through our system and we will assign it to a professional proofreader. The corrected document will be sent back for your approval with additional suggestions on how to improve the content. The cost for this service will be determined by the word count of the submitted document.

There is no excuse for publishing a blog post that hasn’t been proofread by at least an online grammar tool. Take yourself and your ideas seriously, and invest in a proper proofreader. You will be surprised at the improvement in the quality of your content, and the increase in performance.

Let us edit or proofread your next piece of content & see the results for yourself!

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