What Evernote Business Can Do For You

Collect, store and share information safely and securely with your team members by using Evernote Business to organize your files. Notebooks, whether they are personal or professional, capture some of the most important bits of information in our lives. Evernote Business gives you a place to store all of the bits and pieces of your business and link everything and everyone together automatically. Learn how Evernote can help your business keep information safe, secure and central.

If you are like me, you carry a notebook with you wherever you go. Maybe it’s from my journalism days, but I still carry a notebook to capture ideas, pictures and notes on the go. The only difference now is that it’s all contained on my phone: Evernote is my paperless notebook where I store everything from recipes to product prices and receipts.

It’s exactly the same for business – at every job I’ve ever started, I was handed a notebook and a pen on my first day. That notebook was always the first of many, and the first thing I would grab on my way out. Now imagine if this notebook, with all the valuable information I captured, could stay with the business to help future employees. Evernote Business does exactly that.

How does Evernote Business work?

Businesses need different things from a notebook system than individuals. While individuals use Evernote to plan meals, personal projects or keep personal notes, businesses or teams need to keep track of information from more than one person in one central, easy to discover place.

That’s what Evernote Business is for.

Business notebooks allows your business to collect and share information in one central spot while giving access only to those who need it.

Team members can save time and gain extra insight when entering new information because Evernote lets them easily discover what their co-workers are working on.

But not only does it allow you to collect, store and share information safely, it keeps your business’s information safe even if an employee moves on. When an employee leaves, their shared notebooks stay with the business and their personal notebooks are converted to a personal account.

Evernote Business was designed to address all of a business’s challenges.

Evernote Basic, Evernote Plus, and Evernote Premium are great for meeting the needs of individuals or even some individual consultants or freelancers. But once more than two people are involved in a business, Evernote Business is a better fit, as it addresses the needs of groups.

Note: Evernote Business can only be purchased for three users or more.

Evernote Business features and benefits

To understand exactly what Evernote Business can offer you over and above Evernote Premium, take a look at the key benefits and features discussed below. Evernote Business includes all the features of Evernote Premium which itself contains all the features of Evernote Basic and Evernote Plus. You can learn more about Evernote Premium’s features here: http://evernote.com/premium/.

One Central Admin Console

Evernote Business is used on behalf of a group or team, and the account and its features are controlled in one central spot. All administrative functions for the Evernote Business account are handled in the Admin Console where the company admin can add or remove users, manage billing, business notebooks, business tags, manage the business trash, and control any integrations.

To learn more about using the Admin Console, watch the video here:


Separate personal and business notebooks

Content that’s created for you (an individual) and your business or team (an entity) is kept separately in Evernote Business. Evernote is a big believer in privacy, and personal, private content should remain so, and business content should remain with the company. In fact, information collected for personal use and information for businesses are kept on separate Evernote servers.

Business notebooks
In Evernote Business, content created for the company or team lives in business notebooks, which are owned by the company. Business notebooks are private by default and are accessible only to the individual who created them and to the company admin. Business notebooks can also be shared with the entire company, so everyone on the team can view the contents. This is ideal for company-wide communication.

Business notebooks and personal notebooks live side-by side in Evernote Business, letting you easily search for and access everything that’s important to you in one spot.

evernote business

Business home
Every company needs a central spot to go to when an individual is looking for information. In Evernote Business, this spot is called business home – a view of all the people who are part of a company, and the notebooks they’ve shared and ones shared by others that they can access.

Improved teamwork

Since Evernote Business is designed with teams or groups in mind, being able to work together easily and effectively is part of the package.

Easier notebook sharing
When you invite a co-worker who is part of your Evernote Business to share a notebook with you, it will automatically show up in their Evernote notebook list – they don’t have to manually join it. This makes it easier for them to access key content without them having to take any extra steps. If you’re working on a project with a colleague, you can invite them to multiple notebooks at one time to increase productivity.

Automatic surfacing of related content in Context
Evernote Business helps you by surfacing related content automatically while you are working on a project. It shows you everything that the team members at your company or in your workgroup may have already collected related content to give you a head start.

Related notes and articles
As you’re viewing a note or creating new content in one, Evernote Business automatically searches your account and the notebooks from your co-workers that you have access to for other notes that it thinks may be relevant to what you’re working on, along with relevant news articles from around the web.

Expertise search & discovery
As you search in Evernote Business, results from people at your company who may know more about a particular topic automatically show up at the bottom of the note list. When you click on “See Results,” you can browse the relevant notes from these individuals and join their notebooks as you see fit.

Related results
If you’ve installed the Evernote Web Clipper, as you perform web searches in Google, you’ll see Google’s search results, and alongside them you’ll see related notes from your Evernote account and any relevant content from any of your colleagues whose notes you have access to.

Unlimited space

Since people in a business tend to create a lot of content, Evernote Business lets them upload more content each month than other versions of Evernote do – in fact, the upload amount is essentially unlimited. You can always check on the status of a customer’s usage by going into the Admin Console and looking under “Monthly Usage.”

Business class support

Evernote Business comes with top-tier customer support. All support needs to be funneled through the admin, who then can reach out directly to Evernote’s support team via live online chat or via email. Typical response time for chat is under a few minutes, while email has a response of 24 hours or less (typically a lot less, in practice).

Additionally, if a company has 25 users or more on their Evernote Business account, they are paired with a member of Evernote’s account management team, who will guide them through deployment and assist them with all their account needs.

If you’re working with me at TQM Digital, you can rest assured that your support issues will be dealt with promptly. As an Evernote Certified Consultant, I have enhanced support options which will be at your disposal to ensure that you are 100% satisfied.

Evernote App Center

Need something more? The Evernote App Center has a collection of Evernote Business-specific integrations, each of which is designed to extend Evernote Business in a specific way or for a specific industry. Spend some time getting to know the different apps in the App Center so you can answer questions from customers about specific functions that Evernote Business can do with the help of third-party apps. You can see all the Evernote Business integrations in the App Center at https://appcenter.evernote.com/collection/business

For more information on Evernote, please feel free to send me an email to hello@marilize.co.za or give me a call at +27 (0) 21 981 1290.

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