Projects & Campaigns

The best way to show what you can do is to show what you’ve already done. This page contains case studies and presentations of digital marketing and social media campaigns as planned, executed, optimized and analysed by the author. As time goes on, this page will grow in both quantity and quality of projects, whether it’s digital marketing, social media, website development or copy writing.

Digital Marketing

The digital marketing and social media campaign for the launch of Media24’s new baby, an educational program for young children, drew a lot of attention. Mysmartkid and Myslimkind is a language based, boxed subscription program for parents who seek to give their children a neat solution to early childhood development. The author was employed by the company to plan, manage and monitor the digital marketing campaigns and social media community building of this young brand.

View this slideshow presentation to learn more about the campaign:

Social Media

Social media is an exciting online phenomenon where the only constant is rapid change. Platforms come and go, algorithms change overnight and sentiment turns against business with horrifying swiftness. The challenge and the excitement that comes with ever changing human nature, moods and trends makes this a thrilling experience. From national to small campaigns, nothing stands in the way of strategic management and proper budget management – regardless the size of the budget.

Past accounts:

WegRy – Afrikaans Media24-owned 4×4 magazine

Drive Out – English Media24-owned 4×4 magazine

Leserskring – Afrikaans Bookseller (Naspers)

Leisure Books – English Bookseller (Naspers)

Myslimkind – Afrikaans Media24 Early Childhood Educational Program

Mysmartkid – English Media24 Early Childhood Educational Program

Mercedes-Benz South Africa – Luxury Automotive Manufacturer from Germany

Oro Agri SA – Global Agricultural Product Manufacturer

Website Development – Tourism website – Online canine educational resource – Accommodation website – Tour Company Website – Learn how I built the digital solar power displays for SOLA Future – Online Marketing Business Website – Musician Website