Secrets of the Digital Shopper Journey

Have you plotted your customer’s purchase funnel? In the digital shopper journey, shoppers have more resources for product research at their disposal than ever before. This has lead to a change in the traditional customer purchase funnel and with the emergence of zero moments of truth (ZMOT), it’s more important than ever to understand how customers make decisions.

Customer Purchase Funnel

An customer purchase funnel is the fairly predictable path that consumers take when making transactions. This purchase funnel is defined by Awareness, Consideration, Transaction, Loyalty, Advocacy.

Customer Purchase Funnel

Image source: O2O Interactive


The first step in the customer shopper journey is to become aware of the product or service through online or offline marketing and PR efforts.


Once the customer is aware of the product, they will start considering the value proposition of the product by reading reviews, considering the location, coupons, recommendations and ratings.


If the customer selects your business, they will enter the conversion stage where transaction is typically imminent. In fact, 82% of local searches are followed up with an in-store visit, phone call, email enquiry or purchase. Your customers will move between online and offline channels along their purchasing journey.


After a transaction is done, your business has the opportunity to build a relationship with the customer and drive the customer to the loyalty phase. There are various online and offline loyalty programmes available, but most loyalty programmes are online nowadays.


Finally, the customer will move to the advocacy stage where they will be happy to support, recommend and even promote your business. Not every customer will become a brand advocate, but since 90% of people believe friend’s recommendations, brand advocates are very valuable and powerful.

Create your own digital shopper journey

To create the perfect customer funnel for your target market, develop your own set of archetypes/personas to define your ideal customer(s). Archetypes or personas can be sorted by industry to allow you to develop unique, targeted customer funnels.

Once you have defined who your customers are (I am), you can start to work out their modes (I do), needs (I want) and touchpoints (I use) in order to create a personalised, effective customer journey for them.

Develop touchpoints which your ideal customers will come across during their online shopper journey, and make the most of the zero moments of truth (ZMOT). The first moment of truth will come when the customer sees the product on the shelf, and the second moment of truth is the customer’s experience with the product or service.

Customer Journey

Zero Moments of Truth (ZMOT)


Zero moments of truth refers to the research that customers do online before they make a purchase. The internet has empowered people to do more research into their purchases than the person who is selling it to them.


The length of the purchase cycle varies from customer to customer as they take their time to research and make their own purchase decisions.

Personalise your customer journey

Create a customer journey for your target market that will allow them to engage with you at certain intervals, and will guide them towards buying from you.

Digital Shopper Journey

It’s very important to understand your customer in the current economy and with the rise of marketing automation, you can’t afford not to understand how your customer thinks and feels.

OLD order:

  1. my brand
  2. your store
  3. customer

NEW order:

  1. customer
  2. your store
  3. my brand

According to Ryan Silberman, Co-founder of PopiMedia and ARC CEO of Emote, the five secrets for the personalisation of the customer shopper journey are:

  1. Audience insight
  2. Messaging (targeted, engaging, relevant)
  3. Reach
  4. Context
  5. Trust

Get to know your customers and develop a unique shopper journey that drives conversions. Take zero moments of truth into consideration for the ultimate digital shopper journey.