Blog Content Packages

Comprehensive blog management with regular, high-quality content to build brand authority and expertise.

The benefits of keeping an active blog are too many to list in one blog post, but most importantly an active blog gives your frequent visitors something engaging to read, it gives your brand authority in your field, and it provides traffic on a regular basis. But keeping a blog active is no mean feat, it takes a lot of research, writing, editing, graphic design and social media marketing.

Time too limited to write your own blog posts? Let us write them for you and see your readership grow within weeks.

The optimum amount of blog posts to publish each week is around seven (7) blog posts with 500+ words each. Overwhelmed? Don’t be – we can provide blog posts on the topic of your choice every week.

Our blog posts are 500+ words depending on the topic. We consult with you regarding the topics you’d like to focus on and you will have the chance to review each blog post.

You’ve got the option to either publish the post yourself or get us to do it for you with the necessary SEO keywords in all the right places. We will publish your blog post for you at no extra charge if you select one of the packages below.

Basic package

One blog post per week = Four blog posts per month

Standard package

Three blog posts per week = Twelve blog posts per month

Plus package

Five blog posts per week = Twenty blog posts per month

Premium package

Seven blog posts per week = Twenty-eight blog posts per month

  • Comprehensive blog strategy
  • Blog outreach program
  • Paid media for traffic generation
  • Social media marketing of content
  • Social bookmarking
  • Comment strategy and moderation
  • SEO content creation

Each blog post includes:

100% original blog content – researched, written, edited and posted.

Search engine optimized content with a well-researched keyword strategy.

Unlimited business announcements or news posts.

5 call-to-action-enriched posts for traffic generation.

Publishing directly on WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Weebly or any website of your choice.

Cross promotion on all relevant social media channels including Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.

Free: Unlimited comment moderation and replies to your readers.

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